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How to master a crisis,
even thrive in it and get
resilient for any coming crisis?


I offer private individuals
and corporations, organisations,
communities and other collectives
in an acute, chronic or upcoming
crisis situation following
consulting services:

- Situation analysis
- Multiple solution search
- Recognizing development chances
- Developing crisis resilience
- Training crisis solving skills
- Elaborating an exit-programme
for the actual crisis

Through my passion & work as game changer, who
frequently lives in friction with outdated value systems,
Im used to personal and professional crisis and developed
since long my personal crisis management strategies, which I like to
share with others in need. Interested ones may contact me liberately
E-mail and ask for a free date for an Online-Coaching. I ask
then to send me a donation after a private consulting or the
consulting honorar
for the first hour of a commercial
consulting before on my online-banking account.
The rest of the payment is due after the cosulting.
I contact you then via
phone or video conference
for the consulting. If you are in urgent support
need and lack of money - its for free.
Im looking forward now to help
you out of your crisis:

CONTACT (click)

Experienced Crisis Consultor

My honorar:

Donation based private consulting

100.- €/hour communities & organisations

250.- €/hour commercial & governmental entities