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Evolutionary spirituality for
mankinds awakening
as earths brain

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I offer private individuals
and corporations, organisations,
communities and other collectives
in an acute, chronic or upcoming
crisis situation following
consulting services:

- Situation analysis
- Multiple solution search
- Recognizing development chances
- Developing crisis resilience
- Training crisis solving skills
- Elaborating an exit-programme
for the actual crisis

Through my passion & work as game changer, who
frequently lives in friction with outdated value systems,
Im used to personal and professional crisis and developed
since long my personal crisis management strategies, which I like to
share with others in need. Interested ones may contact me liberately
E-mail and ask for a free date for an Online-Coaching. I ask
then to send me a donation after a private consulting or the
consulting honorar
for the first hour of a commercial
consulting before on my online-banking account.
The rest of the payment is due after the cosulting.
phone or WhatsApp you then for the consulting.
If you are in urgent support need and lack of
money - its for free. Im looking forward
now to help you out of your crisis:

CONTACT (click)

My honorar:

Donation based private consulting

100.- €/hour communities & organisations

250.- €/hour commercial & governmental entities