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Evolutionary spirituality for
mankinds awakening
as Earths brain

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to develop books with the help of
readers swarm intelligence


Freigeist von Lebenskunst
Online Evolutionary Poet


I began to develope this technique years ago in german language out of my publishing needs as an evolutionary poet. For an ambitious poet publishing books is not really interesting, because poetry is a rare literary species with few readers. Its hard to find an editor, whos willing to print just a few books - and often demands all further publishing rights. So I began in my early rebellious poets years (90s) to experiment with new forms of publications like graffiti, poetry slam, street theater, street art, landscape writing and much more. When the internet was emerging, I began to publish online & attract readers with live acts and public art works. When my evolutionary poetry in the new millenium began to grow into booklets of concentrated evolution wisdom, which wanted to grow further into books of collective evolution guidelines, I developed the idea of an interactive writing, to get feedback from my readers while writing. So I wrote chapter after chapter, published them online and exchanged e-mails, phone calls or personal discussions with readers and then overwrote the chapters with the newly gained insights. I gained new perpectives and ideas that enriched my own imaginative treasury of omniperspectivity and gave me new creative impulses for further exploration and development of the whole topic. And I gained professional feedback, that improved the truth-quality of my presented informations. As a generalist, whos interested mainly in gaining and operating a holistic overview, I often have to operate with detailed knowledge from other disziplines or professions, that I maybe not understand fully in every detail or I work with an overaged knowledge. Therefore I can recognize and correct informational mistakes in my writings through the feedback of readers with excellence in their certain profession, I was referring to.  My overall experiences with this technique were so positively, that my youngest book projects nearly all are ripening like pearls in the shells of my public websites. In their middle the sandcorn of my basic book idea - and around it layer by layer my elaborated own ideas, enriched and melted with highly informative swarm intelligence wisdom. Slowly my books are transforming itself from my very personal work to a more public collective work. Therefore I began to practise the "copyleft" principle and feel glad now, if people use my ideas to enrich their lives or projects, like I use other peoples ideas to enrich my own life and work. To feel really deeply good about that, I had to realize, that its necessary, to depart the writers timeconsuming work from gaining money by publishing books, because that gave me more frustration than satisfaction. So now Im in the experimental stage of offering "consulting services" based on my writings as a treasury of valuable insights, practicable techniques and creative wisdom. This is the essential spirit, people and corporations are willing to pay me for as their personal or collective evolution consultant. The better I become in creating feedback loops with interested readers, the better I can make a living out of my writing. It seems to me like a very interesting option for my further professional development. And maybe an inspiration for my readers of this short essay here, to copy me, make their own experiences and then tell me something new. Even more I would like to inspire groups or even networks of writers to form writing collectives around idea clusters and write books as professional writer swarms. This swarms can get enspired by their widend readers swarm as well as by artificial intelligence, that offers every needed information out of all mankinds multicultural and historical information cloud. Wouldnt such a collectivism of writing be an interesting next step in the evolution of writing?


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