G A I A´S   S P I R I T
Evolutionary spirituality for
mankinds awakening
as Earth´s brain

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(Autumn - spring equinox) on the
Canarian Island LA GOMERA

Come into free nature and
  learn to play with the elements,

widen your senses and feel your body,
awaken your instincts and follow your intuition,
speake intimately with animals and plants,
stones and stars and unite in free
flow with the whole universe.

Learn to cultivate your naturalness
as intimate connectedness with
your own biology, Earth´s nature
and the cosmical harmonies.

An unforgettable seminar in
  magical wilderness, in which one
can learn to transform civilised
nature alienation into
cultivated nature

Please prepare yourself
for 1 week puristic nature life
with tent, sleeping back
and hiking clothes.

SEMINAR PRICE: 1.500.- €

20% deposit with course enrollment,
which we withhold for arising
costs and labor in case
of withdrawl.

If you´re interested now, just send us an e-mail,
give us a short personal reason why you would like
to be more natural and demand your seminar date
in a timefrane of your choice. You will receive then
detailed informations about the course and
booking. In this sense we´re now looking
forward for your growing curiosity:

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Organized and coached by
Freigeist von Lebenskunst
Naturalness cultivator

Trilingual  .   .   .

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