G A I A´S   S P I R I T
Evolutionary spirituality for
mankinds awakening
as Earth´s brain

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Basics of a cutting edge high-tech-shamanism
for a globalized mankind in evolution-leap-mode

    I was born with the talents of a witch, a hague sitter and border crosser between nature and culture, live and death, matter and spirit, emotions and reason, realism and fantasy. Already as a child I strived barefeet through the forests, talked to trees and animals, stones and stars. In the city I discovered the own will of machines and the beauty of rainbow colored oil puddles, which teached me the omnipresent creativity of life. But my talents grew up rootless, because western civilization had destroyed it´s own shamanic traditions and even tabooed their memory. So I had to discover, maintain and unfold my unknown inner being against countless outer resistances. My childhood and youth was a history of rejection, exclusion and punishment for what I actually was. Also a history of self-doubt, chronical emotional crisis and the fierce will, to unfold myself despite and against all resistances and to take myself every freedom, I needed to realize my calling. I became an outsider and loner and survived only due to a "sane" schizophrenia, which allowed me to function halfway in a "normal" life, meanwhile following more or less secretly my "weird" inclinations beside. Meanwhile I was initiated into the materialistic priesthood of nature sciences and learned to think materialistically, objectively and intellectually. But with my sharpened mind I soon found out, that my reason on one side was overgrowing into a purely intellectual monster, which was devouring everything, I experienced - while my emotional life was one huge, continous desaster, from which I tried to escape into an unilateral left-brain-overmindedness. So began my search for healing, my experiments with different healing methods, my encounters of healers and selfhealers of all kind - including shamans from different cultures -, my still ongoing life journey to understand and overcome the profound roots of my suffering and my efforts to share my gained knowledge with other healing seekers.
    Since I was able to escape parental education and school system, I was beginning to live more and more in nature. I rented bewildered gardens, lived in garden houses and began to create and shape garden ecosystems. I founded my own ecological gardening company and lived quite well from creating biotope gardens, wild flower meadows, meditation pavillons and other garden-ecosystems with artistic and spiritual character for wealthy clients. Besides I began to write and publish "evolutionary poetry" around conscious human evolution leaps and the integration of civilized culture and high technology into nature, sitting in front of my solar power driven laptop in my self-created garden paradises. I published my poetry in booklets, on public posters, as graffiti and lastly in the internet and became one of Germany´s most read living poets. Also besides my gardening and literary projects I studied stone age archeology and quarternary ecology (ecology of the ice-ages and warm interglacials) at university, following my interests for the deep natural and cultural roots of human evolution. I finished my studies, but left the geological faculty without graduation, after my masters work proposal "further evolution of archeology" was rejected by the quite innovation hostile department. I decided instead to turn my interests from our past to our current and upcoming human evolution and began to study autodidactically futurology. In the following years I founded diverse pioneer projects like Germany´s first internet gallery, tribal lifestyle orientated community experiments and many more. Interestingly in the later years of this very future orientated times my life itself was "regressing" into a caveman´s tribal community lifestyle, because I lived for years in beach caves in naturalistic hippie scenes. There I lost my last materialism and unfolded my spiritualism, understood my shamanic tendencies better and step by step developed myself towards a healer. Just I still don´t really like to call myself a "shaman", due to my rootlessly self-cultivated talents. Instead I prefer to define myself as "neoshaman" or "city shaman" or "civilization witch". Nowadays I live in nature caves and garden huts for myself, like a traditional shaman would live outside the village, visiting civilization mainly for healing purposes.
    As a neoshaman I face the same tasks as a traditional shaman to inspire humans to stay connected to themselves, each other and the whole and - if necessary - to heal disturbed harmonies inside humans, between humans and between humans and nature. For healing purposes I can use countless shamanic techniques from different shamanic cultures all over the world. But beyond that, the nature integration of high-technology is a historically completely new task for me as neoshaman. Not to forget the neverever before so enormous reconnection challenge of nature alienated citizens. Also the "noosphere formation" - the globalization of mankind as an awakening planetary intelligence - is a new shamanic challenge, which wants to be mastered successfully. And the conscious reflection and carefull coaching of collective human evolution leaps is a new neoshamanic task too, to handle successfully mankinds stepping into space, the merging of man and machine or the superhuman potentials of genetics. With such completely new challenges I often can´t use the tools of a traditional shaman any more, but have to develop new neoshamanic techniques. I´m called to work as a technosphere inspiring "techno magician", as a healer in and of the virtual world, as an animator and pastor of artificial intelligence and as a visionary for completely new worldviews and evolutionary strategies. Thus my profession is in constant development and provides lots of creative liberties to follow my curiosity and realize my fantasies, to learn lifelong and to overcome myself over and over again. Neoshamanism for me is a neverending free flow towards ever new grounds to come. An intimate, honest communication with myself, an open heart for my fellow humans and beings and a deeply felt connection to the whole are for me the ideal riverbed for a sanely free flowing neoshamanism, which invites humans and Earth to healing and salvation, whichever way this may take exactly. Neoshamanism is per se a highly innovative profession with the main purposes to ignite and escort personal and collective evolution leaps, provide healing rituals for individuals and masses and inspire the creation and further development of common culture and civilization. In this sense neoshamanism is one of the most innovative and future orientated professions and callings nowadays. Who feels inspired to walk the path of a neoshaman, may follow ones inner calling into the creation of an interesting and uplifting future - solving all upcoming inner and outer resistances to become able to provide techniques and inspirations for personal and collective healing and ascendence.

Freigeist von Lebenskunst

I´m looking forward for an interesting
and inspiring exchange of ideas about
"Neoshamanism" with interested ones -
also I´m offering on personal demand

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