G A I A´S   S P I R I T
Evolutionary spirituality for
mankinds awakening
as Earth´s brain

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to gain full independency from outer authoritarian
 forces and the full inner capacity to develop your
own self-chosen lifestyle and social environment.

You will have to solve the following
challenges during the training - either
for yourself or in interaction with others:

Check and empower your free will status

Love yourself unconditionally

Face your inner demons

Strengthen your body

Use your imagination

Follow your curiosity

Sharpen your intellect

Listen to your intuition

Awaken your creativity

Master your thoughts &
emotions, drives & deeds

Observe and reflect objectively
(learn to read the book of life)

Harmonize your hemi-sync
and brain-heart connection

Cultivate your empathy

Train your social skillset

Refine your communication

Build your social network

Reach economical autarky

Unite with the whole of nature

Awake as a divine inner being

... and more challenges to come ...

Visit us in our LIVE BOOT CAMP
in the winterseason from autum till
spring equinox in the magical wilderness
of the sunny Canarian Island LA GOMERA,
where 1 week of pure natural lifestyle and
high intensity learning will await you.
Please prepare yourself with tent,
sleeping back and hiking clothes.

In the summer season we´re on tour
throughout Europe, announcing
our current camps via Newsletter.
Summer like winter: You will book an
unforgettable educational holiday with a
small group of kindred students in a liberating
atmosphere, where you learn to alter your life quality
selfempowered and socially selforganized as
your own rightfull and upright sovereign.

where you will get your challenges and coaching
via video conference incl. personalized consulting.

Online webinar 750.- €
1 week live seminar 1.500.- €
20% deposit with course enrollment,
which we withhold for arising
costs and labor in case
of withdrawl.

If you´re interested now, just send us an e-mail,
give us a short personal reason why you would like
to be more sovereign and demand your Boot Camp
date in a timeframe of your choice - live or online.
You will receive then detailed informations
about the course and booking. In this
sense we´re looking forward now
for your growing curiosity to
become more sovereign:

CONTACT (click)

Camp & course organizer:
Freigeist von Lebenskunst
Sovereign human being

Deepend background informations:


Sovereignty is the natural human condition.
We are biologically selforganizing organisms,
who selforganize social collectives by creating
common culture. This bottom-up growing natural
condition was broken during civilized history due to
top-down conquest and submission of whole populations
under system slavery. Especially the Eurasian steppe herders
like the Indo-Europeans, Huns, Mongols, Tartars, Turques and others
learnt to conquest and keep the agricultural and urban societies of Europe
and Asia as herds of human lifestock. The last millenia were vastly formed
by their monarchies and empires, which organized their slaves inside
a power pyramid with a ruling elite of the former conquerors
on top. This mentallity still is very common in nowadays
so called "democracies", which are in fact just well
camouflaged oligarchies of powerfull capitalists
or party leaders, acting on behalf of the self-
chosen elites to submiss, indoctrinate,
control and exploit "their" people as
sheeple. The culture of all human
lifestock keeping civilizations
is made to divide and conquer
the people, keep them isolated
in their egos, in competition with
each other and dependend from
the ruling system like little children,
distracting them from selfreflection
and hindering their emotional maturity,
suppressing their social competence and
blocking all practical means of physical autonomy
in every possible and necessary way. The spiritual core
of such cultures is always black magic against humanity,
camouflaged as superhuman god or ideology or cosmic
law, who or which has to be apeaced with sacrifieces
of humanity to the inhumane ruling forces.

Who want to see through
the matrix of system slavery
and learn how to reclaim and activate
ones natural sovereignty, may find in our
live & online sovereignty boot camp
the possibility to liberate themselves
from mental, emotional and physical
slavery in any given form and to
develop a selfchosen lifestyle
as free human in the social
environment of their choice.
Or to put in very short terms:
One may learn their natural right
to unfold as a king or queen
and to play creator with
all of us free beings.


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